“Using its unique wing assembly, the Bracing Pile supports lateral loads”

  • A fast, affordable, lateral load supporting screw pile alternative
  • Carries all types of structural load applications
  • Flexible top plate design can even allow adjustment after install
  • The pile can incorporate cable slots for electrical power supply
  • The pile can be uninstalled and relocated
  • Can include any fixed, or adjustable connection/support system

How does it work?

The Bracing Pile can support shipping containers, light weight houses, prefabricated dwellings, Solar arrays, columns, poles, fences, slipways, and more.

The design generates very high levels of lateral load capacity and geodynamic performance to obtain the optimum structure to pile, and pile to soil interface.

The bracing pile is used for above-ground structures. By utilising its available accessories, the pile can be attached directly to any type of structure.