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We are Australia’s largest end-to-end provider of screw piles for residential and commercial construction.


Get to know our products & process


Get to know our services & capacity

Get to know our products & process


Get to know our services & capacity


Our Story

Excellence from the ground up

For nearly two decades, Blade Pile has helped Australian builders and developers lay the foundations for efficiency. Through our proprietary technology, in-house automation and diverse team of professionals, we are Australia’s largest end-to-end provider of residential and commercial steel screw piles. Our Blade Pile is a refined evolution of a standard helical pier with some key benefits. From in-house manufacturing through to installation, our seamless screw piling solutions are tailored for each job to maximise affordability and meet engineering requirements.


Become a Screw Pile Installer

Alongside our in-house installation teams, we have a trusted network of verified installers to ensure we always have capacity for our customers. Learn how you can become a verified Blade Pile installer today by contacting our team.

Concrete vs Screw Piles

Concrete bored piers have been utilised as a piling solution for hundreds of years. While they may be a time-proven solution, modern-day steel helical piers or Blade Piles are a far less expensive and cumbersome option.

Our customer’s choice

Screw piles cost less than concrete piers, particularly as they get deeper.
Within reason, steel screw piles or helical piles can still be delivered and installed in wet conditions.
Screw piles don’t require time to set, the next stage can begin right away.
Screw piles and helical piers can utilise extensions to go deeper, avoiding large machinery and major excavation work when deep piles are required.
The Blade Pile and other screw piles or helical piers leave no excess spoil to remove from the site after installation, reducing overall cost.
The Blade Pile system utilises our patented slip-joint cap, allowing the structure to move with the soil to avoid slab disruption.
Steel screw piles or helical piles are a greener solution and are recyclable.
Concrete piers vs screw piles cost
Screw pile installation in wet conditions
Installed screw piles
Screw pile bolt-on extensions
Concrete bored piers vs screw pile ground spoil
Installing caps on screw/helical piles
Screw piles with pile caps

Our customer’s choice

Our customer’s choice

Our Process

We have developed our process to deliver seamless screw pile solutions to all customers

Design & Quote

We start with a customised screw pile design and quotation to ensure the most efficient solution is provided for the unique requirements of your project.


Our manufacturing team produce each order of screw piles to the correct specification. Our team ensure stock levels of our screw piles and pile accessories are maintained around Australia and New Zealand to minimise our lead time.


Our local team works with you to schedule a verified Blade Pile installer for your project. All screw piles and accessories for your project are checked to ensure the right specification and quantity prior to delivery. 


A verified Blade Pile installation team arrive on-site with all of the necessary screw piles, accessories, equipment and documentation to complete your project.


When the piles for your project are installed, you will receive all of the necessary screw pile design and installation documentation, certified by a chartered engineer.

Driving Innovation for a
Better Screw Piling Industry

We are proud to work with so many great organisations and individuals across Australia and New Zealand.

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Map of locations in Australia and New Zealand
Map of locations in Australia and New Zealand

Whether you currently use concrete piers, helical piles or other screw piles, the Blade Pile system can benefit you. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.