The Blade Pile

A refined screw pile, designed for efficiency.

An evolution of standard helical piers


The primary goal for Blade Pile is to provide the best possible price and service available. Through years of innovation, R&D and investment into our processes, we have developed the Blade Pile to become the most efficient and cost-effective screw pile option for our customers.


Our end-to-end process allows us to ensure quality at every stage. We have developed assurance measures throughout our entire integrated supply chain, from the quality of welds on our piles through to the data for our design and install certification. This all means a stress-free and simplified screw pile solution for our customers, engineers and team.


Future-forward thinking has always been the cornerstone of our philosophy. Since 2007, we have maintained a focus on innovation and have worked to elevate the Blade Pile brand across the board. From innovating on the traditional helical pier design of a screw pile, to developing industry leading manufacturing and contracting systems, Blade Pile continues to drive the screw pile industry forward. 


The range

The Blade Pile is made in a range of sizes designed for loads of 80kN to over 1000kN SWL.
Our standard Blade Pile that we use on most residential projects for loads up to 100kN SWL, utilises a 76.1mm diameter (OD), 4mm thick shaft. This pipe is rolled from a 450-grade coil which is processed to achieve yield strengths of over 500 Mpa.
Our higher yield strength tube provides the Blade Pile with a far greater torque capacity to a standard, helical screw pile. This means our installers can often advance through hard soil layers to reach founding depth without pre-drilling.
Our manufacturing facility features the latest Trumpf Tube Laser 5000 from Germany. This machine allows us to precisely cut and profile each of our pipes to an extremely tight tolerance (± 0.2mm typical) for fully automated production.
The profiled tube, blades and drive lugs for our residential piles are welded together through one of our fully automated, robotic welding cells. Our larger, commercial piles are welded by our experienced fabrication team.
Screw pile size comparison
Residential screw pile size options
Blade Pile and helical pile strength comparison
Laser cutter for screw pile tubes
Robotic screw pile welding

The range

Screw pile installation
Stack of screw piles

Accurate installation

The design of a steel screw pile (helical pier and Blade Pile) aids in reducing soil disruption by cutting into the groud. The Blade Pile utilises a symmetrical, twin-blade design as oppose to a single helix, to improve the verticality of the pile during installation and compression. 

Screw piles utilise end-bearing to achieve the necessary compression and tension capacity. End-bearing allows the pile to be wound into a particular soil layer to achieve the required installation torque. Watch our short educational animation to learn more.

Blade Pile benefits diagram

Dive Deeper into the Engineering Behind Our Screw Pile

Screw Pile vs Concrete Pile

Explore the benefits of steel screw piles when compared to traditional concrete bored piers.

Blade Pile Technical Design Manual

Our Technical Design Manual outlines our methods and calculations to design the Blade Pile for a given application.

Technical design manual cover page

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