A Screw Pile Industry Leader for Over 17 Years

Since 2007, Blade Pile has been pushing the development of the screw pile and helical pile industry in Australia and New Zealand. Our focus is to provide the very best value and support to our team and customers across the board. 

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Our story

From humble beginnings in 2007 on the Gold Coast of Australia, Blade Pile now represents a team of experienced and committed construction, manufacturing and engineering professionals. 

Blade Pile has locations throughout the entire east coast of Australia and Northern New Zealand, each working together to develop the brand further. 

Whether a customer is currently using concrete piers, helical piles or other screw piles, the Blade Pile system can provide significant benefits across the board. 

We continue to drive forward and provide all stakeholders with excellence – from the ground up.

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Screw pile manufacturing

Unlocking potential, creating opportunities


Blade Pile’s primary focus is to provide the best value possible. We are constantly investing into innovative practices throughout our supply chain to ensure we offer the most cost-effective pricing and service when compard to concrete piles, helical piles or other screw piling options.


Our end-to-end process allows us to ensure quality at every stage. We have developed assurance measures throughout our entire integrated supply chain, from the quality of welds on our screw piles through to the data for our design and install certification. This all means a stress-free and simplified screw pile solution for our customers, engineers and team.


Future-forward thinking has always been the cornerstone of our philosophy. Since 2007, we have maintained a focus on innovation and have worked to elevate the Blade Pile brand across the board. From innovating on the traditional helical pier design of a screw pile, to developing industry leading manufacturing and contracting systems, Blade Pile continues to drive the screw pile industry forward. 

Meet the Blade Pile Team

Get to know some of our key team members that work across our organisation. Blade Pile employs a diverse team of professionals to oversee and manage our unique, end-to-end operation.

Kertrena Plotkin

Co-founder & Owner

Kertrena Plotkin headshot

For over 17 years, Kertrena has led and developed the Blade Pile Group. From humble beginnings in a small factory on the Gold Coast, she directed the business and drove it relentlessly over the years to become what it is today. Nowadays, Kertrena oversees the business from an owner perspective and remains the leader and head decision maker of the organisation.

Warren Brockwell

Director & CFO (CPA)

Warren Brockwell headshot

Warren has been at the forefront of the screw piling industry for over 25 years and has worked alongside Kertrena since the very beginning. Acting as the Director and CFO of the Blade Pile Group, Warren brings an unparalleled perspective to our organisation with an invaluable bank of knowledge and experience.

Zak Plotkin

General Manager

Zak Plotkin headshot

Since Zak was 5 years old, screw piling has been a daily topic of discussion around the dinner table. Over the years, Zak has worked in all areas of the organisation to gain a rich understanding of the overall business. In 2017, Zak completed his Bachelor of Commerce at Bond University and joined Kertrena to help lead the Blade Pile Group.

Joshua Waid

National Manager

Joshua Waid headshot

In his capacity as National Manager, Josh spearheads Blade Pile Group’s business development and growth into new markets. Since joining the organisation in 2018, Josh has brought a diverse knowledge base and bank of experience in construction, business management, logistics and team leadership to the Blade Pile Group.

Dr. Jack Zhou

Principal Engineer

Dr. Jack Zhou Headshot

BEng (Hons). PhD. MIEAust. CPEng. NER. RPEQ

Jack is a distinguished civil engineer specialising in the fields of geotechnical and structural engineering. As our Principal engineer, Jack brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Blade Pile, leading and developing our engineering team. Jack’s expertise continues to provide immense value to our organisation and is a vital contributor to our position as an industry leader.

Michael O’Sullivan

Technical Product Manager

Michael O'Sullivan Headshot

BEng (Mechanical)

Michael’s background as a Mechanical Engineer coupled with his years of experience in piling design and manufacturing has provided him with a valuable skillset and acumen within Blade Pile. Michael oversees the technical side of the various Blade Pile products and manufacturing processes, from ensuring compliance to design specifications and standards, to finding and implementing efficiencies within the manufacturing processes.

Angus King

QLD Account Manager

Angus King Headshot

Angus has an unmatched enthusiasm paired with a niche and valuable set of experience in piling. As the QLD Account Manager for Blade Pile, Angus guides new and existing customers from start to finish through our process to successfully deliver each and every project. Angus has greatly assisted in the growth and development of Blade Pile’s QLD division and continues to deliver incredible value to our customers and organisation.

Connor Smith

VIC State Manager

Connor joined Blade Pile in 2021 with a strong set of experience in both construction management and machine operating. For 3 years, Connor excelled as our QLD construction manager with ambitions to learn the business and grow his career. In 2024, Connor siezed the opportunity to  spearhead Blade Pile’s operation in Victoria as our state manager.